Your New Favorite Sports Bar!

Hi! We're the owners of Game 7, Wicker Park's newest bar and grill. In the sport's world, game 7 is the game that matters most. It's the game where the players play harder, the fans cheer louder, and the added excitement of knowing it's now or never is so intense, it's electric. This is the game we've been waiting for. This is the game we gotta win! This is GAME 7!

Don't worry, you won't have to buy tickets off the scalpers for our Game 7. We're a friendly neighborhood bar where everybody knows your name and you can always catch the game. We don't have a nosebleed section. We do have 12 giant flat screen TV's so you know you'll always be sitting in the good seats. Our beers don't come in paper cups. They come in a sweet selection of micro brews, imports, domestics, and an always-rotating "starting line-up" of tasty drafts. We don't have cotton candy or cracker jacks. What we do have is unbeatable daily specials and a mouth-watering menu stuffed with all the all-stars you've been rooting for!

Game 7 has great drinks and great food but if you really want to have a great time you also need a great team. Do we have a great team for you this year? OH YES, WE DO! It feels like we've been training our whole lives for this. In a way we have. We started small, a couple of childhood friends who loved Chicago sports and Chicago food, but we always kept dreaming big. Over the years we've come to love sports so much you could call us fanatics. We love food so much you could call us fiends. And when it comes to drinks we're complete devotees. We are definitely not rookies. We've paid our dues. We've tended bar all these seasons and now the time has come for us to go from bartenders to bar owners, and coach Game 7 all the way to the championship!

Now that you know a little about us, we'd love to learn a little bit about you. So come on in! Let's grab some drinks, enjoy a bite to eat, and share a story or two. That's why we're here. Until then...

Ben and Von